About us

Our purpose is to shape an open and trustworthy service. We want to leverage technology. Not to add more gimmicks, but to make a dent in how researchers do research.

About Our Co-working Culture

Our customers are our heartbeat. We listen to them carefully, anticipate their problems, provide solutions. We have high performance and quality standards. We have an inner drive to learn from each other and always look out for new tech, ideas, approaches. Together we can move mountains. We believe in idea meritocracy, respect, fun, diligence, and standing for each other. It’s all about ‘what can I contribute’. We know that we can be ourselves, rely on each other, and speak freely. Ultimately, we trust each other because we’re authentic, honest, accountable, and transparent.

Digital Schooling Management

We want to build a sustainable business in which researchers can be creative, highly effective, and authentic. Through all these changes, we know we can be the renegades who contribute to writing the next chapter of research.

Space to make your greatest impact.

Team spirit, creativity, and passion for technology – that is what working at Digital Schooling means. 



Webinar Series

Thursdays: 9th – 16th – 23rd

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