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You’re invited to participate in our webinar series to learn How Google Cloud is transforming today’s Research and Education

You’re invited to attend an exclusive webinar on the opportunities and challenges facing many higher education and research organisations today. During this event, you’ll hear from Google Cloud’s team and CEO of Digital Schooling for an insightful discussion on how GCP is transforming organisations. 

Google Cloud AI is one of the most advanced and reliable cloud-based computation services, especially when it comes to machine and deep learning. How can you accomplish your research faster, how can you enhance your type of research with cloud possibilities? We will introduce a range of tools that will help you become the foremost expert on your research topic, and help you bring the best insights to the audience while ensuring a more sustainable and scalable ecosystem in terms of your research. We’ll start with some technical information about the tools, and then we’ll jump right in and see how to use those tools to accelerate your research and help you do the good, fast research.



In this session, we unveil a new solution Scheitelpunkt AI a unified MLOps platform to help data scientists/ML engineers increase experimentation, deploy faster, and manage models with confidence. 

Attend this roundtable to get a short overview of how Vision-API uses OCR to detect text within images in more than 50 languages and various file types.

In this session learn how Natural Language API offers you the same deep machine learning technology that powers both Google Search’s ability to answer specific user questions


Attend this roundtable on how Cloud AutoML helps you easily build high-quality custom machine learning models with limited machine learning expertise needed.

In this session learn how Cloud Life Sciences (formerly Google Genomics) enables the life sciences community to process biomedical data at scale. 

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Storyteller @ Google Cloud using data and machine learning
Cristian Mezzanotte
High Performance Computing Specialist @ Google Cloud
Nora Limbourg
Higher Ed Specialist @ Google Cloud
AI/ML Customer Engineer @ Google Cloud
Hatem Nawar
Health Care & Life Sciences Specialist @ Google Cloud
Carsten Peters
CEO at Digital Schooling

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