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We can’t predict the future, but we can be ready for it. We brought together leading research groups to share how they’re using Google Cloud technology to help them adapt to change and build their data clouds. The Higher Education and Research webinars are part of our digital schooling series. 

Recorded event

Machine Learning & AI with Google Cloud

This AI event will help you better understand the benefits of using AI to speed up your research and achieve the best results in your research.

We will introduce a range of tools that will help you become the foremost expert on your research topic, and help you bring the best insights to the audience and the audience while ensuring a more sustainable and scalable ecosystem in terms of your research.

September 16, 2021 / 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Google Cloud in Higher Ed - Customer Voices

Speakers from Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf (Germany), CERN Switzerland and Univerzitet Singidunum, Belgrade (Serbia) will present their use cases. We’ll explore some of the most common mistakes that can be made, and how to overcome a few of the challenges that might not initially be apparent. Digital Schooling will only moderate this webinar. Let our customers speak for themselves and we will wrap up the session with a vivid panel discussion.

September 23, 2021 / 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Student Success Services

During this event, you’ll hear from Google Cloud’s team and CEO of Digital Schooling for an insightful discussion on how GCP and Workspace are transforming higher education institutions. This digital event will provide insight into the future of information management at Higher Education institutions with the help of Artificial Intelligence.



Webinar Series

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