Executive Summary

Google Cloud Services for Teaching & Research

Google for Education & Google Cloud Partner

Digital Schooling is Google for Education and Google Cloud Partner with offices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As a leading Google Cloud partner in the EMEA region, Digital Schooling advises educational and research institutions on the use of cloud-based technologies. Digital Schooling is certified for Google Cloud Platform, Google Workspace and Chrome OS. With an integrated consulting approach consisting of product implementation and IT consulting, more than 150 customers in over ten countries have been persuaded by the skills and experience. The industry focus of Digital Schooling is on the areas of education and research.

Our vision and our mission.

Digital Schooling believes that tailor-made infrastructure and cloud-based software products are the basis for effective research. With the vision that flowing data follows ideas, permanent data availability is the focus as a basis for educational and research work. To achieve this goal, the company lives the clear mission of guaranteeing researchers permanent access to the data that is needed at any given moment. This allows research to focus on its core competence, while a functioning infrastructure is established as a natural framework.

The product and service portfolio.

The holistic corporate approach of Digital Schooling is symbolized by its range of offers. The interplay of cloud-based software solutions, digital working environments, virtual learning spaces and infrastructural hardware offers an all-in-one solution for cloudification of companies if required. Consulting, implementation, training and licensing are guaranteed from a single source.

With Google Cloud Services, research challenges can be solved with AI-powered, industry-oriented combinations of products and services. Embedded in the Google Workspace, a barrier-free online environment is created for optimized collaboration. With Google Education, the fundamentals and impulses for conveying learning content are set specifically for school operations in order to build digital school worlds. The addition of compatible hardware (Chromebook) and an intelligent and secure operating system (Chrome OS) results in an included product range that Digital Schooling, as a certified Google partner, adapts to the circumstances as required.



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