We believe in giving researchers access to the data they need when they need it. Because where data flows, ideas follow.

Your Work Solution

Like a good vitamin shot, we strive to make your research grow. Our made-to-measure solutions link researchers and institutions for optimized outcomes.

Google Cloud Platform

Solve your toughest research challenges with AI-powered, industry-focused combinations of products and services.​

Google Workspace

Work collaboratively in a fluid online environment. Get started on Google Workspace.​

Acer Chromebooks

If you want a computer that is smart, secure and ready when you are, it’s time for a Chromebook.


Use CloudReady to convert your Windows machines into Chromebooks. Chrome OS is a speedy, simple and secure operating system.

Teaching & Learning

Transform how educators and students learn, work, and innovate together with free, secure tools from Google Workspace for Education..

Software licences

Advanced software solutions and tools for digital transformation that helps your organization in solving complex problems in the information technology age.

What We Have Here for You

We’re here because we believe, we believe in people & possibilities, and we believe in giving back to the communities that helped us get to where we are today.

Billing ID

With the Billing ID from us, you have several advantages

Carry Forward

You can execute the carry forward of residual budget to the following year.

Invoice Flexibility

Payment on the invoice, which means you don't need a credit card (we adapt to your accounting)


Additional discounts for commit and Pre-paid deals

Tech Support

Technical support for operational issues, tools, APIs, third-party tool integration, etc.


Receive a discount on the list price of our suite of products and can increase profitability by offering value-added services and products

Regular trainings

We will Bridge the Gap in Expertise and Knowledge

24x7 Access and much more!

Comprehensive support expertise

Space to make your
research impact.

We love researcher who are moving the world forward, who are using technology in powerful ways, who care about people and our collective future.


Frequently Asked Questions

Any of the following can access GCP: Workspace, Cloud Identity, Gmail, Google Account. You can register any email address as a Google account.

No. Digital Schooling will set up invoicing for you so you can pay by wire transfer.

Yes. You will even get a discount or free credits when working with a budget.

Yes. We will set up a short contract addendum so you can park your budget with us and use the resources within a defined time frame in the future.

Open and choose from one of the menu options according to your role: Students, Faculties, Researchers, Institution

For Google Workspace for Education you can use any domain or subdomain. If you would like to use a domain or subdomain different from the main domain of your institution it will take an additional step to set it up.

Yes, absolutely, and you should use it. Google Workspace for Education integrates perfectly with your existing infrastructure.

If you are not using any other email service for that specific domain or subdomain (no MX records specified) you should add a secondary email address with each user account.



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